Our Story

The company consists of a five-sister team: Tierra, Judy, Vickie, Stacy and Sharon; from youngest to oldest, respectfully. We come from the humblest of beginnings, being part of a family of eight siblings. Born and raised in a quiet Texas town of less than 4,300. At heart, we are just small-town girls with “Big time dreams!” Growing up, we were accustomed to sharing clothes, yet we were forever grateful. In hindsight, that was the start of our interest in pre-loved clothing. Suffice it to say, which only expanded to even bigger dreams of owning our own business and being our own boss. Which is the dream of many, yet only a reality for so few. Dreamers by nature, in addition to clothing, we shared a lifelong goal; and now with the creation of WhatWouldUPay, we not only can bring our vision to life, but we can share it with all of you in an amazing way.

As women, shopping in general was our thing. Sometimes we’d spend all day thrifting, or “bargain hunting,” as we’d relished finding things that were unique, one-of-kind items, not being mass produced. One of the most rewarding and beautiful experiences that can happen while shopping for pre-loved clothing, is when you get approached and asked, “where did you get that? I love it!” So the more that happened, the more we thrifted, and the more our satisfaction and love grew for the industry.

For our shoppers, we offer the opportunity to pay what you think is affordable. By turning our dreams into reality, WhatWouldUPay provides more options for the average everyday person, as the "customer" you can control the pricing for many items on the site. “The choice is yours.”

We welcome you and know you will love it here-the online shop that is moving into a new era, powered by freedom of choice. A creative, innovative platform, where you can find an assortment of items you need, even items you didn’t know you needed!

We’ve taken the worry and “expense” out of shopping, so you can focus on savings. Shop and save today on WhatWouldUPay.